Youth Sponsors

    There is no doubt about it, we at Cherokee Hills Baptist Church, have the best leaders that are out there.  God is active and working in our student ministry.  We have over 20 of the best Sunday School teachers in the state and our youth leaders are sold out to Christ.  It is easily seen why God is working here.  God has called us to reach students.  That is what we are geared for and desire to see happen. 


Have you ever had an interest in helping this generation find God?  If you have or if you have questions please feel free to check out what we are about.  Every leader that comes through our group is thouroughly checked out and walked through a process in order to work with our students.  Click below to find more information:

Student Ministry 2009.pdf

If interested in working with our youth please download and fill out the following information.

CHBC Youth Leader Application.pdf

CHBC Youth Leader Application part 2.pdf

If you have any questions about being a Leader within our Student Ministry please feel free to call Nathan Zabka our Student Minister at 405.721.5338.