Three Family Fellowship

What is Three Family Fellowship?

Three Family Fellowship is a fun opportunity to interact and build relationships with other families.  This is an opportune time for new families to be connected with those who have been members for a while.

 How Does it Work?

Very simply ...  three families will commit to meet together once a month for three months.  

What Do We Do?

We will be asking you to meet in each other's homes to share a meal and fellowship together.  The key is to build new and deeper relationships.  No better way to get to know someone than to get into each other's homes.

Here's the Nuts and Bolts of How it Works ...

Two families who have been members of Cherokee Hills will invite a new family to join them for 3-months of fellowship dinners.  One of those two families will host the first meal in their home.  This is called the "Host Family."

The "Host Family" provides the meat and drinks, and instructs the other two families what to bring to complete the meal.  This continues for three months, rotating the "Host Famiily" and the house each week until all three families have had an opportunity to open their home and host a meal.

What goes on after the meal is "up for grabs".  We may offer suggestions, but be creative.  Have fun.  Enjoy developing new friendships!

When Do We Start?

When a new family joins your Bible Fellowship group, two already existing members need to start the process.   This is going to be fun!  Plan to participate in our Three Family Fellowships!