There is no more exciting adventure or fulfilling challenge than that of a lifelong pursuit of becoming like Christ.  We want to help you come to a deeper and growing faith. 

Spiritual growth takes place best within the context of healthy, loving relationships with other Christians.  However, building relationships doesn’t happen en masse, but rather through interacting with one another.  Therefore, we believe as our church continues to grow larger, we must also grow smaller with opportunities that allow for Bible discovery and application through interactive dialogue.  Our Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowship classes are designed with this in mind.

We offer Adult Bible Fellowship classes at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings.



 College (18-20's)


Young Adults  


Single/Married 20's-30's 


Single Moms


Young Single Moms


         Adult 2                   40's - 50's  



All ages 


Parents of Youth     


All ages  


Adult 3   












Adult 4   




Adult 5   






all ages  


New Class 


              all ages 


Click here for a description of the classes.

Age groupings are flexible guidelines. Find a place to belong.

*Preschool, Children, Youth Sunday School meet at 9:30 also.


You can grow deeper in God’s purposes for your life by joining one of the on-going small group classes above.

There are also individual time-sensitive small group classes offered during Midweek on Wednesdays that will deal with various topics of interest for spiritual growth, such as:  parenting, marriage, finances, etc.


This is a one-time seminar that informs and explains what and who Cherokee Hills is. The seminar is divided into four sessions covering: What it Means to Be a Christ-Follower, Our Vision and PurposeOur Strategy for Reaching Our Community and World, and Our Structure and Affiliations.

While participating in the seminar does not automatically qualify a person for membership at Cherokee Hills Baptist Church (it is strictly an informational seminar), it is a pre-requisite for church membership.  


For On-line Bible Study tools click here.

At Cherokee Hills we believe spiritual growth happens best in the context of healthy, loving relationships with other Christians.

That’s why Small Groups are our primary tool for spiritual growth.

For a current listing of offerings, click here.

The adult small groups coincide with our children and youth programs, as well as child-care for preschoolers. So, Sundays and Wednesdays are designed for families.

These schedules may vary during the summer.