Adult Bible Fellowship – Class Descriptions

Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

Small groups are the best way to get connected at Cherokee Hills.  These groups provide a comfortable setting in which to connect with others walking through a similar stage of life, and to build lasting relationships through the study of scripture, and fellowship.  These groups not only interact on Sundays, but also provide great opportunities for doing life together through outside activities, encouragement, and support.  We highly recommend you try one of the groups below!

College Class
 Kent & Kim Melton  Room #223  College& Career


 Dan and Jenese Glover

 Choir Room

primarily 20's-30's (single/married)
Single Moms  & Ladies  Jane Pickelsimer/ Kathy Hart / Susie Munday  Youth Area

ages as 20's to mid-30's,
with or without kids

 Adult 2  Jesse Bacorn   Fellowship Hall   (center)  primarily 40-50's

 Adult 2

 Steve Hanebaum    Fellowship Hall (north)  primarily 40-50's
 Parents of Youth   Ron & Robin Jones   Room #233  all ages
 Adult 3  Bill Stone  Room # 238  primarily 50-60's
 STAR  Joe Pellegrin/ Clyde Wooldridge  Room #235-237  primarily mid 50-70's
 ROCK  Debra Nemlowill  Room #239  primarily mid 50-70's
 Adult 4 co-ed  John Little  Fellowship Hall (south)  primarily 70's-up
 Ladies  Helen Wilkerson  Room #236  primariily 65-up
 Adult 5 men  Terry Mason  Library  primarily 75-up
Adult 5 ladies  Pat Carroll  Room #149  primarily 75-up
 Singles  Tom & Gail Clanton/ Donna Hoskins  Room #233  all ages
Gayla White
Office Wing Class
primarily 40's-up

If you would like to get involved in a small group, please join us on any Sunday.  If you would like further information , please  click here to contact Interim Pastor Mark Stapp.